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Top 4 esay ways hackers can use to hack your facebook account

Facebook,which everyone of us know about,is a most popular social networking site with about 2 billion+ active users per month.Although facebook is continously updating its security features,we can't say it can never get hacked? Everyone of use it in todays world to get connected with friends and relatives.Facebook stores most of the information about us.So what if your account gets hacked!.This can cause a serious privacy issue.
This post suggests you "How can your facebook account get hacked?"
So here are the ways attackers(hackers) mostly use to hack facebook accounts:-

1.Social engineering
Social engineering involves any trick that is used to fool the user.You may get some messages or emails pretending that they are facebook team.They might show you some security issues in your facebook account and ask you to change your password to 1234567 or something similar.Sometime they may ask for your username and password to verify that you are authorized account holder.

Phising is one of the most common method hackers use to hack your facebook accounts.They create a webpage similar(in design and apperance) to facebook.They look exactly like facebook log in page.They might send you such links through emails or messages pretending as they are from facebook.They might send you messages stating that someone tagged you in a photo in the same format as facebook does.As you click on the site and enter your username and password,hackers can see it and can have access to your account.

Keylogger are something like computer programmes or viruses that can track and store every single stroke on your keyboard.It may include your log in information,your bank account details , your private information...etc.These keylogging programmes can be designed to remotely send the stored keystokes through email.

4.Man in the middle attack(packet sniffing)
As soon as we see a free wifi most of us rush to log in to facebook.But remember you hackers may be targetting you.Hackers can easily inspect your traffic or route you to a fack fishing websites through man in the middle attack.
Facebook is a good tool for getting connected to our friend and relatives but it can turn into an evil anytime.So be aware...