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How to play youtube videos in background?

We all might have wondered that "How to play youtube videos in background?".And most of us have tried minimizing the youtube app.But youtube doesnt let the videos get played in background.It is because youtube earns from the ads that are shown while watching the videos.And playing videos in background means no ads.And no ads means no money...
Although some applications offer you the service to play the youtube videos in background they don't perform well.Some are premium and some need root acces.
So How to play youtube videos in background for free and without root?

Here is an easy, step by step tutorial on how to play youtube videos in background.
Step 1:Go to play store and install firefox or Chrome.Here I'am using Firefox but You can use the browser of your choise.

If you already have any of them installed in your android  you can skip the step.

Step 2: Now go to youtube app and open the video you want to play in background.

Step 3: Look below...you will see " "share" button.Click on it.And select firefox.

Step 4:Then select on "open with firefox".

step 5 :In the browser you will be redirected to Youtube page of your video you want to play in background.

Note:If you want to skip step 3,4,5 you can directly navigate www.youtube.com in your browser(chrome or firefox).

Step 6:Although this step is not necessary you can tick on " Request desktop site" for better perfomances.

Step 6:Now minimize the browser.You'll find your Youtube video will play in background.

Thanks for visiting the page!!!

If you have any problem or quarries please comment below.I am waiting for your feedback.

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