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How to block ads in android apps and games without root?

Are you fed up of adds that are shown inside applications in mobile phones? If yes, You are at the right place. We will learn how to "How to block ads on android apps and games without root?" Step by step here.Before this lets know "Why we see ads on android?"
Actually these ads are the source of income for the apps(or games) developer.They get paid for showing ads in their apps and games.Companies like Adsense,Chitika...etc pays the apps developer for showing ads.But for our convinience we can block them manually by following these steps:-

Step 1:Search for block this in your     web browser(google)

Step 2:Click on the first link you see i.e block-this.com

Step 3:After the page loads you will see a "Install" button on the home page.Click on it

Step 4:After you click on install the app automatically starts downloading.After download click on the downloaded file(app) and simply install it and open.

Step 5:Afrer you enter into the app you will see a play button.click on the play button.

Step 6:Tick on "I trust the application" and click on start.

Step 7:After you click on start you will see a symbol of key on your notification bar.It means you are almost done.

Step 7:Finally go to settings>application manager and select the app you want to block add on and click on clear data.And thats it.

Now you can play your favourite games and run applications without any irritating ads.

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