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How to earn money from internet without investment?

How to earn money through internet? Or How to make money online?

How to earn money through internet?

In my view Internet is the best platform for showing who you are and what you can do.It's one of the best way of earning.Didn't believe?
Look around and search for the richest persons in the world and their proffession.You'll come to know what I meant.
Here I'am gonna discuss some of the most important ones.


YouTube can be a good source of income if you have a large YouTube channel.If you dont have you can start it now.Choose a subject of your interest and what you are passionate about and create a channel under that topic.More the views on your channel more the money you earn.Google adsence pays you for ads on your videos.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is anothet great option for earning money online.Many popular online shopping websites like Amazon,Flipkart'Snapdeal...etcoffer you these service.You can generate a refer link on these websites which you can share with you friends,families,relatives and others and if they shop or buy the goods throug your link you get commision(about 5%) as per the rules.


Fiverr is another great option for earning online.You can go to Fiverr.com and create a free account.You get a minimum payment of 5$ for tasks like logo designing,video editing,website designing,writing articles,making posters,making reports...etc

4.Website and Blog

Another option is through websites and blogs.
You can create a free blog through Blogspot or Wordpress.Like in YouTube Adsense pays you for ads that are shown inside your blog.

5.Mix and Match

You can mix all above tricks and ideas to get a huge income.For an example you can post the generated link(affiliate marketing) in your blogs and websites,You can post the links of your Youtube videos in blogs and vice verca....etc

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