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How to easily become anonymous/undetectable on android using Tor browser?

TOR-Anonymous on Android
Being anonymous simply means hiding your online identity and enriching your online privacy.This is sometime a must to hide your personal data and other private information.

In this post we'll discuss on How to use TOR browser for getting anonymous on android.

TOR stands for The Onion Router.It actually creates a chain/layer of ip addresses like the layers of onion which make you undetectable and untracable and anonymous.
Ip adress is a unique set of numbers that gives you online identity.For your ease-It is something like your mobile number that gives you identity on your mobile network.
TOR browser is especially used by hackers,penetration testers or anyone who want to hide their online identity.

Now,lets go through the steps

You need two apks for being anonymous in android

  • Orbot
  • Orfox

Step#1.The first step is to search for these apks(orbot & orfox) on playstore and install them.

Step#2.Open the orbot app and click on start button.

 Wait till you get connected to a TOR netrwork.You will be notified when you are done.

Step#3.Now minimize the Orbot app and open Orfox.You can now surf anonymously on android using Tor browser.

Note:As we know no security is 100% secure.So I can't give you cent percent guarantee that your online anonimity will be maintained if you follow above steps.
Here are some of the the things you should not do on TOR to maintain your online anonimity:-

  1. Always let Orbot app run in background while using TOR.
  2. Do not surf http websites on TOR network.
  3. Never mention any potentially identifying information about yourself such as the place you live, your appearance, your gender, etc.
  4. Don not provide your phone number for any type of registration and two-factor authontication.

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