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The mystery of Bermuda Triangle | What is bermuda triangle?

Mystery of Bermuda triangle
What is Bermuda triangle?

We all should have heard about Bermuda triangle.Well,Bermuda Triangle ,also known as devil's triangle is a region of western part of North atlantic ocean.Its one of the most mysterious places on earth.This place is mysterious because the trashes of aeroplanes and ships which are crashed in this  region have never been found.No one knows were they actually go.

People also link activities in this region to aliens and paranormal activities.Although science doesn't believes in these all,but some people believe that these portals link our world to another world of ghosts and vampires.Many people claim that they have seen UFO(unidentified flying objects) in this region.People who came out alieve from this place say that there is some super natural hidden dark energy in that region.

All the electronic devices and compasses stop working in this region.Its due to the deflection of electromagnetic waves.No one knows the reality of Bermuda triangle:How was it formed,Where do these electromagnetic waves originate from?...etc.

You might be shocked to know that some stories of Bermuda triangle are also mentioned in RAMAYAN,a hindu holy book.According to the mythology,Goddess SITA was kidnapped by a Devil RAWAN and was taken to Lanka,RAWAN's land.Then HANUMAN was sent to bring her back safely.In the way to Lanka,when he was flying over ocean,a monster called CHHAYAGRAHI tries to stop him.The monster had some super natural power to drag all the objects towards him.Lord HANUMAN defeats the monster and moves on.It is also mention that the monster CHHAYAGRAHI had a daughter which migrated to another ocean.And now people believe that the place where she migrated was the Bermuda triangle.

Anyway, these all the people's sayings,thoughts and believesIt's upon you,you believe or not.No one knows the reality of Bermuda triangle.

But please dont forget to comment below,what do you think about Bermuda triangle.


  1. this helped me a lot to know about the mystery of bermuda triangle keep posting such type of contents.