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How to protect your facebook account if hacked?

Did you just see a unknown post in your timeline that you didt posted?
If yes you are at the right place.Read this article because you or any of your friends or relatives may face this problem in future!
So let's learn "Why are some unwanted links or post being automatically shared in your account?" And how to deal with them?
Lets know about the cause
Most of us share links like "what is the first letter of your true love?,Where will you go after birth?Heaven or hell,What does your name mean?"....or sth similar.
Do you remember you are asked for your facebook log in creditenials(username and password) before entering those links.And what do we do is put everything they ask without thinking of our privacy.Remember they might be scammers.After you log in they can fully access your account.These types of attack come under social engineering attacks.To know more about social engineering click here.

Immediately after you see such posts follow the steps below to safeguard your account:-
1.First log in to your facebook account and go to setting.

2.In the settings tab look for Apps and websites under Securityand

3.You will see "Logged in with facebook" at the top.Beside which you'll find "edit".Click on edit.

4.You'll see the list of apps and websites you've used to log in with facebook.

5.Mark all the suspecious apps and websites and click on remove.

And you're all done.

So what will you do from next time?
Think twice before clicking on such links.
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