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100% working-Earn Rs 50 per refer using Oyo app!

We all are facing the problem of costly mobile data services and for students also its a big problem.So today we will discuss about a trick to earn free mobile balance using OYO app.
OYO app is actually a hotel booking website across india.But it provides Rs 50 per refer.
For example:-I'am currentl y using an oyo app and If i refer a friend to install the OYO app on his/her phone I get a mobile top up of Rs 50.Your earning through referals is topped up to your phone within 24 hours. Now lets go through the steps:- It is very easy and simple.
The first thing you have to do is Install OYO App on your device.You can manually search on playstore for the app or directly download it by clicking the link above.
  1. Open the app and click on "Get Started"
  2. Enter your phone number and click on verify.
  3. Enter your email adress(If you dont have a email adress you can use anything like Example123@gmail.com or similar)
  4. Enter your name and below that you'll see.
  5. Click on it and enter BISHWVV7N as your Referal code.
  6. Now you will get a One Time Password(OTP) through SMS.Enter that(or your phone will automatically detect the SMS and fill up the OTP).
  7. Now click on "create account" and your account will be created on OYO app.
  8. Now go to Earnings And Sharing section on OYO app and copy your Referal code.
  9. Now share the app with your friends and tell them enter your referal code.If they create a account using your referal code, you will get Rs 50 from each friend who creates a OYO account.
Alternative way:- OYO app lets atmost 3 accounts to be created from single device.So you can log out from OYO by clearing OYO's app data enter your friends number(or your itself if you have more than one number) for registering a new account and enter your referal code.But remember you can use alternative way only two times.
You will directly be paid your earnings through mobile top up within 24 hours.

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