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How I got fully approved google adsense account? | Tips and tricks to get a fully approved google adsense account

Approve your Google adsense
Google adsense -Are you working hard to get a fully approved google adsense account but still getting disapproved?Then you are at the right place. Every beginner blogger dream to get a fully approved google adsense account.Getting a fully approved adsense account motivates us to grow our blog and website.In this article we will discuss about some tips and tricks to fully approve your google adsense account. I recently got my adsense account approved for this blog with just 11 posts and about 2000 pageviews.In this article I'am going to share my personal experience and give you some tips on how to fully approve your adsense account? I am giving you these tips totally on the basis of my own experience.

How to fully approve google adsense account?

1.You need a top-level domain

The very first thing you need to fully approve your google adsense account is to get a top level domain.Adsense will never give you approval for non top level domain.There are many top-level domain providers but if u want to get a free top-level domain,you can go to buy.ooo and while buying the domain put coupan as GETOOO,you'll get a free top-level domain for 1 year.

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2.Give a attractive look to your blog

The second thing you need to do is give a attractive simple look to your blog.You can easily get many free and paid templates on internet.You can choose any of your choise and install it on your blog. Note:Focus on easy navigation system on your blog.Visitors should easily get the article they want to read.You can create catagories on your blog.Google Adsense prioratize blogs with easy navigation system.

3.Quality content

Google adsense prioratize those blogs and website which serve quality content to their visitors.Quality content doesn't mean high quality photos and videos.But your blog should have geniune content.You should focus on more text.Your every blog post should have 300+ words.You can use images to clarify your topic and make your article more attractive.
Note:Google adsense never gives approval for blogs with copyrighted contents.If you are thinking of copying from other blogs and pasting on your blog,you are never going to get google adsense approval. If you are downloading images from google and uaing them in your blog,you might be infringing others copyright.So be carefupl while selecting images for your blog.You can use pixabay.com for images in your blog.It provides free images for commercial purposes.

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4.Create privacy policy,contact us and about us page

These pages are mendetory in getting a fully approved google google adsense account.Google adsense concerns users privacy in your site.You can get many free privacy policy generetor on internet.You can use them to create a privacy policy on your blog.In contact us tab you can give a contact form and other ways to contact you.In about us tab write about yourself.You can write what is your sitr for?,what are visitors going to get there etc....At last you can write about yourself and authors on your site.

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 I hope these tips and tricks will help you to fully approve your google adsense account.

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